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Whether it is the first snow of the season or the last, there is nothing quite like the anticipation and excitement of strapping on a snowboard and going out to hit the terrain. What you do with that terrain is only limited by your imagination!

Choosing a Snowboard

Whether you are a mountain/freeride, freestyle or a carve rider you will find that different models of snowboards are slightly more well suited to your discipline. Some attributes to keep in mind when choosing a snowboard are its length, width and height.

Length: Board length should approximately match the height from the floor to your nose when you are standing. Buy shorter for more maneuverability and longer for carving deep powder.

Width: When your bindings are placed on the board widthwise they should overhang just slightly on each side of the snowboard.

Weight: Heavier riders should look for a board with less flex and light riders are better suited to a snowboard with more flex.

We offer a broad selection of boards suited for every skill level, style of riding and personal preference. Let our helpful product reviews and detailed specifications help you find the board ideally suited for you!

Snow Skis

No need for the skiers to feel left out of the fun here. Whether you are looking for mountain skis, freestyle skis, powder skis, backcountry skis or even skiboards we offer a vast selection of choices from all the top manufacturers.

Snowboard and Ski Accessories

Almost as important as finding the perfect snowboard or pair of skis is finding the proper accessories to maximize the performance of your hardware. That is why we offer a complete line of bindings, boots, goggles and helmets as well.


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Did You Know?

With the number of snowboarders in the United States now approaching nearly 10 million the number of snowboard manufacturers continues to grow as well. More manufacturers means selection and more technological innovation.

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